Great experiences - great dancers & dear friends!

                                                                     Workshop for Boo at Boom Dance Studio




This is my Locking Workshop in Japan Fumi 2011 Boo set up the workshops for me
                       Thank you Boo!!!


 This is Poppin Pete / Hugo Mr. Smooth and Me Ana Lollipop in Korea 2011at Jin's event Funk Styler's Battle I called us the triple threat this was so much fun to work with my guys, we all grew up together in the dance world I really love these guys!!!









                                         This is Toni Basil my long time dearest friend & me we're at the HHI ( Hip Hop Internationa) in Las Vegas 2011 Judging the Freestyle contest we had a great time Gremlin pulled me in for this gig Thanks Zulu Gremlin!!













                             This was last years 2010 HHI Las Vegas this is ShoTyme / ZuluGremlim and Me Lollipop Judging the freestyle event this was really fun!!  Thanks Zulu Gremlin for setting it up for me!









                       This was my Punking / Whacking Workshop at Pinnacle Studio in London 2006...

                                                I had a surprise visit from my dear friend

                                                              Skeeter Rabbit ....this is a moment I will treasure!












This is a couple of fun shots taken from my Punking / Whacking Workshop in Paris France that Rose set up for me at Bruce's Dance Studio in 2010


Thanks Rose!






June 26, 2017
                                                                                               With my Husband Randy









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Punking+Posing=Whacking, and Locking / Artforms

I'll be sharing my personal history with these fabulous styles of Street Dance I hold close to my heart -  

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